Friday, November 5, 2010

Plugins & Windows 7

I currently have Corel X2 and Windows 7

When I got windows 7 last month many of my plugins wouldn't work.  So I asked around and found out there are 10 dll's I needed to install and I also needed to download a small program called FM Patcher.

I can't totally remember but I believe you install the dll's into your system 32 folder.  If you have a 64 bit system they need to go into your SysWow64 folder which you will find right under the System 32 folder.

For the FM Patcher go here

I found it's a lot easier to patch the entire plugins folder at once rather than 1 folder at a time.  It will take a couple of minutes

I hope this helps you out, it sure did me.  I was SO happy to find the patcher lol.  Now most my plugins work again :)

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