About Me

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog. 

I live in Kalamazoo Michigan, USA

I'm an avid cat lover.  Had 10 of them at one time but have only 2 now.  Sammy is my special baby, he's by my side most of the time and thinks he is helping me lol.  We have another cat named Miss Audrey (named after my grandma) and a creme colored 5 pound chihuahua named Gooper.

I started PSP'ing in 2006 because I wanted to make those pretty tags that others were making and its now my favorite hobby. 

The reason I started tut writing in 2009 is because I love creating my own tags & figured I might as well write them down as I'm creating.  Writing tuts has become my favorite hobby and now scrap kit making.  I'm very excited about doing the kits as I've been thinking about it for well over a year.  I'm so glad people are enjoying them!  I love being creative.  I get sick often so I'm stuck at home pretty much and this gives me something to keep my mind occupied.  Hate staring at the tv all the time.

I have 1 son born in 1977 and 4 grandkids born in 1997, 2001, 2002 and 2005. 

I'm a Leo, born in 1958 and am now disabled.  I was a stay at home mom/housewife for 18 yrs.  After my divorce I started cab driving/dispatching to support myself.  Was fun at the time but it's not something I would do again.  I did that for 8 years then moved to South Carolina and got a job working as a bill collector, one of those people you hate LOL.  I did that for a few months then came back to Kalamazoo and applied for disability due to kidney problems.

I'm now back with the x hubby and we're both happy about it

 Please program your local Animal Control # into your cell phone to report animal abuse. 

Please spay/neuter your pets. 

Feel free to snag my pet message graphics, send them to everybody lol

I hope you enjoy my tutorials.